Fabio Manganiello blacklight
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • https://fabiomanganiello.com
  • Automation junkie, ML enthusiast, IoT tinkerer, guitarist and dad. Creator and main developer of Platypush.

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A little GNU/Linux software for vocal recognition and execution of arbitrary vocal commands

Updated 14 years ago

Script to automate the management of Arch Linux qemu-based VMs

Updated 1 year ago

Browser script to scrape and download your saved UltimateGuitar tabs to CSV/JSON

Updated 2 months ago

Theremin synth emulator through a Leap Motion device

Updated 3 years ago

A preprocessor module for Snort that uses ML algorithms for pruning, clustering and finding correlation between alerts

Updated 12 years ago

Fork of Scribe - an alternative Medium frontend

Updated 7 months ago

A simple extensions that allows you to render RSS feeds directly in the browser and fetch RSS URLs from web pages.

Updated 2 months ago

A versatile and extensible platform for home and life automation with hundreds of supported integrations

Updated 8 months ago

Fork of https://git.sr.ht/~erock/pastes.sh

Updated 7 months ago

A multi-platform library for easily managing any kind of neural networks

Updated 11 years ago

A small application that simulates the behaviour of a population in an environment in which each individual can adopt between two strategies (cooperating or being in competition)

Updated 13 years ago

Stream an audio input device over HTTP as mp3

Updated 10 months ago

A Python library and set of scripts to create labelled audio datasets from raw audio files and use them to train sound detection models.

Updated 2 years ago

A minimal, general-purpose Markdown-based CMS.

Updated 2 months ago

A library for managing CSP, constraint satisfaction problems in AI and more

Updated 13 years ago