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Updated Chromecast plugin to work with pychromecast >= 10.0

pychromecast 10.0 introduced some [breaking changes](
in the declaration of the Chromecast object -
namely, the `device` attribute has been renamed to
`cast_info`. The code of ChromecastPlugin has been
updated to guarantee compatibility in both cases.
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......@@ -132,6 +132,12 @@ class MediaChromecastPlugin(MediaPlugin):
return chromecasts[0]
return chromecasts
def _get_device_property(cc, prop: str):
if hasattr(cc, 'device'): # Previous pychromecast API
return getattr(cc.device, prop)
return getattr(cc.cast_info, prop)
def get_chromecasts(self, tries=2, retry_wait=10, timeout=60,
blocking=True, callback=None):
......@@ -156,9 +162,8 @@ class MediaChromecastPlugin(MediaPlugin):
will be invoked when a new device is discovered
:type callback: func
cast.device.friendly_name: cast
self._get_device_property(cast, 'friendly_name'): cast
for cast in self._get_chromecasts(tries=tries, retry_wait=retry_wait,
timeout=timeout, blocking=blocking,
......@@ -170,9 +175,9 @@ class MediaChromecastPlugin(MediaPlugin):
return [{
'type': cc.cast_type,
'manufacturer': cc.device.manufacturer,
'manufacturer': self._get_device_property(cc, 'manufacturer'),
'model_name': cc.model_name,
'uuid': str(cc.device.uuid),
'uuid': str(cc.uuid),
'address': if hasattr(cc, 'host') else cc.uri.split(':')[0],
'port': cc.port if hasattr(cc, 'port') else int(cc.uri.split(':')[1]),
......@@ -213,7 +218,7 @@ class MediaChromecastPlugin(MediaPlugin):
while n_tries > 0:
n_tries -= 1
cast.device.friendly_name: cast
self._get_device_property(cast, 'friendly_name'): cast
for cast in self._get_chromecasts()
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