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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
Given the high speed of development in the first phase, changes are being reported only starting from v0.20.2.
## [Unreleased]
## [0.23.2] - 2022-03-27
### Added
- Simplified script API to interact with platform variables (
- Support for asynchronous events over GPIO PINs. It is now possible to specify
a list of `monitored_pins` in the [`gpio`
configuration. A change in the value on those GPIO PINs (caused by e.g. a
button, a binary sensor or a probe) will trigger a
`platypush.message.event.gpio.GPIOEvent` that you can use in your automation
- Simplified script API to interact with platform variables
(closes [#206](
You can now read and write stored variables in your Platypush scripts through
a much more intuitive interface compared to explicitly using the `variable`
plugin explicitly:
from platypush.context import Variable
# ...
my_var = Variable.get('my_var')
my_var = int(my_var) + 1
## [0.23.0] - 2022-03-01
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