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Improved robustness of ICal event parser

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......@@ -79,14 +79,16 @@ class CalendarIcalPlugin(Plugin, CalendarInterface):
event = self._translate_event(event)
if event['status'] and event['responseStatus'] \
and dateutil.parser.parse(event['end']['dateTime']) >= \'UTC')) \
if (
event['status'] != 'cancelled'
and event['end']['dateTime']
and dateutil.parser.parse(event['end']['dateTime']).replace(tzinfo=pytz.timezone('UTC')) >='UTC'))
and (
and event['status'] == 'confirmed'
and event['responseStatus'] in ['accepted', 'tentative'])
or not only_participating):
and event.get('responseStatus') in [None, 'accepted', 'tentative'])
or not only_participating)
return events
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