A versatile and extensible platform for home and life automation with hundreds of supported integrations https://platypush.tech
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5 years ago
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
def path(fname=''):
return os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fname))
def readfile(fname):
with open(path(fname)) as f:
return f.read()
# noinspection PyShadowingBuiltins
def pkg_files(dir):
paths = []
# noinspection PyShadowingNames
for (path, _, files) in os.walk(dir):
for file in files:
paths.append(os.path.join('..', path, file))
return paths
plugins = pkg_files('platypush/plugins')
backend = pkg_files('platypush/backend')
author="Fabio Manganiello",
description="Platypush service",
python_requires='>= 3.6',
keywords="home-automation automation iot mqtt websockets redis dashboard notifications",
5 years ago
'console_scripts': [
5 years ago
"Topic :: Utilities",
"License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License",
"Development Status :: 4 - Beta",
5 years ago
# Support for thread custom name
'threadname': ['python-prctl'],
# Support for Kafka backend and plugin
'kafka': ['kafka-python'],
# Support for Pushbullet backend and plugin
'pushbullet': [
'pushbullet.py @ https://github.com/rbrcsk/pushbullet.py/tarball/master'
# Support for HTTP backend over uWSGI
'http': ['gunicorn'],
# Support for MQTT backends
'mqtt': ['paho-mqtt'],
# Support for RSS feeds parser
'rss': ['feedparser'],
# Support for PDF generation
'pdf': ['weasyprint'],
# Support for Philips Hue plugin
'hue': ['phue'],
# Support for MPD/Mopidy music server plugin and backend
'mpd': ['python-mpd2'],
# Support for Google text2speech plugin
'google-tts': [
# Support for OMXPlayer plugin
'omxplayer': ['omxplayer-wrapper'],
# Support for YouTube
'youtube': ['youtube-dl'],
# Support for torrents download
'torrent': ['python-libtorrent-bin'],
# Generic support for cameras
'camera': ['numpy', 'Pillow'],
# Support for RaspberryPi camera
'picamera': ['picamera', 'numpy', 'Pillow'],
# Support for inotify file monitors
'inotify': ['inotify'],
# Support for Google Assistant
'google-assistant-legacy': ['google-assistant-library'],
'google-assistant': ['google-assistant-sdk[samples]'],
# Support for the Google APIs
'google': ['oauth2client', 'google-api-python-client'],
# Support for Last.FM scrobbler plugin
'lastfm': ['pylast'],
# Support for custom hotword detection
'hotword': ['snowboy'],
'snowboy': ['snowboy'],
# Support for real-time MIDI events
'midi': ['rtmidi'],
# Support for RaspberryPi GPIO
'rpi-gpio': ['RPi.GPIO'],
# Support for MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter plugin
'mcp3008': ['adafruit-mcp3008'],
# Support for smart cards detection
'scard': ['pyscard'],
# Support for serial port plugin
'serial': ['pyserial'],
# Support for ICal calendars
'ical': ['icalendar'],
# Support for joystick backend
'joystick': ['inputs'],
# Support for Kodi plugin
'kodi': ['kodi-json'],
# Support for Plex plugin
'plex': ['plexapi'],
# Support for Chromecast plugin
'chromecast': ['pychromecast'],
# Support for sound devices
'sound': ['sounddevice', 'soundfile', 'numpy'],
# Support for web media subtitles
'subtitles': [
'python-opensubtitles @ https://github.com/agonzalezro/python-opensubtitles/tarball/master',
# Support for mpv player plugin
'mpv': ['python-mpv'],
# Support for NFC tags
'nfc': ['nfcpy>=1.0', 'ndeflib'],
# Support for enviropHAT
'envirophat': ['envirophat'],
# Support for GPS
'gps': ['gps'],
# Support for BME280 environment sensor
'bme280': ['pimoroni-bme280'],
# Support for LTR559 light/proximity sensor
'ltr559': ['ltr559'],
# Support for VL53L1X laser ranger/distance sensor
'vl53l1x': ['smbus2', 'vl53l1x'],
# Support for Dropbox integration
'dropbox': ['dropbox'],
# Support for Leap Motion backend
'leap': [
'leap-sdk @ https://github.com/BlackLight/leap-sdk-python3/tarball/master'
# Support for Flic buttons
'flic': [
'flic @ https://github.com/50ButtonsEach/fliclib-linux-hci/tarball/master'
# Support for Alexa/Echo plugin
'alexa': ['avs @ https://github.com/BlackLight/avs/tarball/master'],
# Support for bluetooth devices
'bluetooth': [
'pyobex @ https://github.com/BlackLight/PyOBEX/tarball/master',
# Support for TP-Link devices
'tplink': ['pyHS100'],
# Support for PMW3901 2-Dimensional Optical Flow Sensor
'pmw3901': ['pmw3901'],
# Support for MLX90640 thermal camera
'mlx90640': ['Pillow'],
# Support for machine learning models and cameras over OpenCV
'cv': ['opencv-python', 'numpy', 'Pillow'],
# Support for the generation of HTML documentation from docstring
'htmldoc': ['docutils'],
# Support for Node-RED integration
'nodered': ['pynodered'],
# Support for Todoist integration
'todoist': ['todoist-python'],
# Support for Trello integration
'trello': ['py-trello'],
# Support for Google Pub/Sub
'google-pubsub': ['google-cloud-pubsub'],
# Support for Google Translate
'google-translate': ['google-cloud-translate'],
# Support for keyboard/mouse plugin
'inputs': ['pyuserinput'],
# Support for Buienradar weather forecast
'buienradar': ['buienradar'],
# Support for Telegram integration
'telegram': ['python-telegram-bot'],
# Support for Arduino integration
'arduino': ['pyserial', 'pyfirmata2'],
# Support for CUPS printers management
'cups': ['pycups'],
# Support for Graphite integration
'graphite': ['graphyte'],
# Support for CPU and memory monitoring and info
'sys': ['py-cpuinfo', 'psutil'],
# Support for nmap integration
'nmap': ['python-nmap'],
# Support for zigbee2mqtt
'zigbee': ['paho-mqtt'],
# Support for Z-Wave
'zwave': ['python-openzwave'],
# Support for Mozilla DeepSpeech speech-to-text engine
8 months ago
'deepspeech': ['deepspeech', 'numpy', 'sounddevice'],
# Support for PicoVoice hotword detection engine
'picovoice-hotword': ['pvporcupine'],
# Support for PicoVoice speech-to-text engine
'picovoice-speech': ['pvcheetah @ git+https://github.com/BlackLight/cheetah'],
# Support for OTP (One-Time Password) generation
'otp': ['pyotp'],
# Support for Linode integration
'linode': ['linode_api4'],
# Support for QR codes
8 months ago
'qrcode': ['numpy', 'qrcode[pil]', 'Pillow', 'pyzbar'],
# Support for Tensorflow
'tensorflow': ['numpy', 'tensorflow>=2.0', 'keras', 'pandas'],
# Support for Samsung TizenOS-based smart TVs
'samsungtv': ['samsungtvws'],
# Support for SSH integration
'ssh': ['paramiko'],
# Support for clipboard integration
'clipboard': ['pyperclip'],
# Support for luma.oled display drivers
'luma-oled': ['luma.oled @ git+https://github.com/rm-hull/luma.oled'],
# Support for DBus integration
'dbus': ['pydbus', 'defusedxml'],
# Support for Twilio integration
'twilio': ['twilio'],
# Support for DHT11/DHT22/AM2302 temperature/humidity sensors
'dht': [
'Adafruit_Python_DHT @ git+https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Python_DHT'
# Support for LCD display integration
'lcd': ['RPi.GPIO', 'RPLCD'],
# Support for IMAP mail integration
'imap': ['imapclient'],
# Support for NextCloud integration
'nextcloud': ['nextcloud-api-wrapper'],
# Support for VLC integration
'vlc': ['python-vlc'],
# Support for SmartThings integration
'smartthings': ['pysmartthings', 'aiohttp'],
# Support for file.monitor backend
'filemonitor': ['watchdog'],
# Support for Adafruit PCA9685 PWM controller
'pca9685': ['adafruit-python-shell', 'adafruit-circuitpython-pca9685'],
# Support for ngrok integration
'ngrok': ['pyngrok'],
# Support for IRC integration
'irc': ['irc'],