Just Another Steganography Algorithm
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Jastegal (Just Another Steganography Algorithm) v.0.1b
c0ded by BlackLight <blacklight@autistici.org>

Usage: ./jastegal [-d|-e] <-i image file> [-o output image file] [-f file to be steganographied]

-d:             Perform a decoding from an image
-e:             Perform an encoding to an image
-i:             Specify the input image to be processed. In case of decoding, the content of this file will be de-steganographied,
                while in case of encoding this is the image to steganography from
-o:             Specify the output image. This parameter is mandatory in encoding phase, as it specifies the file name containing
                the image with the steganographied data
-f:             Specify, in encoding phase, the file containing data to be steganographied. If this option is not specified, the
                data will be gathered via stdin

        jastegal -e -i input_image.png -o output_image.png -f file.txt
        This will encode the data in file.txt using input_image.png as image, and putting the output in output_image.png

        jastegal -d -i input_image.png
        This will decode the data in input_image.png to stdout