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@ -63,7 +63,15 @@ algorithm over arbitrary sets of n-dimensional data. All you need to do is:
The library however already comes with a sample implementation, contained in
"test.c", and typing "make" this example will be built;
"test.c", and typing "make" this example will be built. This example takes 0,
1, 2 or 3 command-line arguments, in format
$ ./kmeans-test [num_elements] [min_value] [max_value]
and randomly generates a 2-dimensional data set containing num_elements, whose
coordinates are between min_value and max_value. The clustering is then
performed and the results are shown on stdout, with the clusters coloured in
different ways;
- After you write your source, remember to include the file "kmeans.c",
containing the implementation of the library, in the list of your sources