Updated 6 months ago

Fork of the aerc email client (https://sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc)

Updated 5 months ago

A minimal bash-inspired interface to browse minimal websites

Updated 5 months ago

Blog pages for https://blog.platypush.tech

Updated 4 months ago

Simple button handling service for the CutiePi button events

Updated 8 months ago

lxpanel plugin for the CutiePi battery

Updated 1 year ago

A set of scripts and services to manage screen rotation on the CutiePi

Updated 1 year ago

A tiny library in C for managing kmeans clusterization algorithm over arbitrary data sets, both by manually specifying the number k of clusters and computing it automatically using Schwarz criterion

Updated 13 years ago

A tiny C library for managing SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) neural networks

Updated 10 years ago


Updated 4 months ago

A cool chromatic ncurses-based tuner for guitar (and not only)

Updated 13 years ago

Just Another Steganography Algorithm

Updated 14 years ago

Leap Motion SDK - Python 3 module builder

Updated 3 years ago

A library for managing CSP, constraint satisfaction problems in AI and more

Updated 13 years ago

Home Lighting

Updated 2 days ago

A minimal, general-purpose Markdown-based CMS.

Updated 2 months ago

A Python library and set of scripts to create labelled audio datasets from raw audio files and use them to train sound detection models.

Updated 2 years ago

Stream an audio input device over HTTP as mp3

Updated 10 months ago

A small application that simulates the behaviour of a population in an environment in which each individual can adopt between two strategies (cooperating or being in competition)

Updated 13 years ago

A multi-platform library for easily managing any kind of neural networks

Updated 11 years ago