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@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ Variable.set(my_var=my_var)
- Added `<Camera>` dashboard widget.
- Added support for custom dashboard widgets with customized (see https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/Backends#creating-custom-widgets).
- Added support for custom dashboard widgets with customized (see https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki/Backends#creating-custom-widgets).
- Added support for controls on `music.mpd` dashboard widget.

@ -34,6 +34,6 @@ Guidelines:
an `extras_require` entry.
- In the plugin/backend class pydoc string.
- In the `manifest.yaml` - refer to the Wiki (how to write
and [backends](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/writing-your-own-backends))
and [backends](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki/Writing-your-own-backends))
for examples on how to write an extension manifest file.

@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Platypush
more insights on what you can build with it and inspiration about possible
- The [wiki](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/home) also
- The [wiki](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki) also
contains many resources on getting started.
- Extensive documentation for all the available integrations and messages [is
@ -576,7 +576,7 @@ by the configured integrations.
platyvenv rm device_id
[Wiki instructions](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/Run-platypush-in-a-virtual-environment)
[Wiki instructions](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki/Run-platypush-in-a-virtual-environment)
### Docker installation
@ -615,7 +615,7 @@ through the `include` directive (as long as they are in the same folder as the
main `config.yaml`), as well as external Python scripts in a `scripts`
directory in the same folder as the `config.yaml`.
[Wiki instructions](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/Run-platypush-in-a-container)
[Wiki instructions](https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki/Run-platypush-in-a-container)
## Mobile app

@ -6,13 +6,13 @@ Welcome to the Platypush reference of available plugins, backends and event type
For more information on Platypush check out:
* The `main page`_ of the project
* The `Gitlab page`_ of the project
* The `Gitea page`_ of the project
* The `online wiki`_ for quickstart and examples
* The `Blog articles`_ for inspiration on use-cases possible projects
.. _main page: https://platypush.tech
.. _Gitlab page: https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush
.. _online wiki: https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/-/wikis/home
.. _Gitea page: https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush
.. _online wiki: https://git.platypush.tech/platypush/platypush/wiki
.. _Blog articles: https://blog.platypush.tech
.. toctree::