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Fabio Manganiello 4e3c6a5c16
The websocket plugin now extends AsyncRunnablePlugin too
2 days ago
backend Merge pull request #313 from BlackLight/snyk-upgrade-58f5a7acf019c661bec911d06f0bf10a 2 weeks ago
bus LINT warning fixes 7 months ago
common Create application ngrok tunnel method moved to utils 9 months ago
config Generate a default config.yaml if none is present instead of failing 4 months ago
context Do a lazy plugin initialization in the Variable class 2 months ago
cron [#217] Casting `get_next` to `datetime` to prevent DST issues 4 months ago
event Print invalid rules to help debug broken configurations 2 months ago
exceptions Added support for JWT token-based authentication 2 years ago
message Added recv action on websocket plugin 5 days ago
platydock Added libcap-dev to build requirements for Ubuntu Docker images 9 months ago
plugins The websocket plugin now extends AsyncRunnablePlugin too 2 days ago
procedure Major LINT fixes 1 year ago
schemas Added Jellyfin integration 6 months ago
user Fixed LGTM errors and warnings 11 months ago
utils FIX: get_plugin methods should never swallow errors in case of failed initialization 6 months ago
__init__.py Bump version: 0.23.2 → 0.23.3 3 months ago
__main__.py Dashboard rewritten in vue.js 3 years ago
logger.py - The context should be properly expanded also when calling a Python procedure 1 year ago