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# Sample Dockerfile. Use platydock -c /path/to/custom/config.yamlr
# to generate your custom Dockerfile.
FROM python:alpine3.7
RUN mkdir /app
COPY . /app
RUN apk add --update --no-cache --virtual build-base \
&& apk add --update --no-cache libffi-dev \
&& apk add --update --no-cache zlib-dev \
&& apk add --update --no-cache libjpeg-turbo-dev \
&& pip install -r requirements.txt \
&& apk del build-base \
&& apk del libffi-dev \
&& apk del libjpeg-turbo-dev \
&& apk del zlib-dev
RUN cd /app && python setup.py build install
CMD python -m platypush