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Edward Loveall 35b72ada37
Upgrade to Lucky 0.30.1
Upgrading to 0.31.0 should be very easy. It's just running `shards
update` in the root of the project. That should be all.
2022-07-17 11:55:51 -04:00
Michael Herold 098f7fe0f9
Remove the need for a DATABASE_URL
Since the application does not use a database, it's confusing to have to
set a bogus database URL environment variable. This change follows [the
Lucky guide][1] suggestion for disabling the need for database
configuration. That makes the setup a little easier.

2022-05-21 11:34:28 -04:00
Edward Loveall 27234bd32a
Ensure that scr/version is up-to-date when building
This is an experiment to see if it forces me to actually have updated
the version before I build. The idea is that I need to actually commit
the version which will make it more likely that all instances can pull
down the code and display the correct version if I've done it myself.

It uses `git show` to grab the committed contents of src/version then
checks to see if it matches today's date.
2022-01-15 16:31:02 -05:00
tnp eaf25ef23a
Add Dockerfile 2021-10-16 10:56:15 -04:00
Edward Loveall 0998a87622
Remove postgress stuff from script/setup
This app doesn't use a database so there's no point.
2021-10-10 14:52:14 -04:00
Edward Loveall 7851434952
Add script to build object file (.o) for Ubuntu
This ubuntu_server.o file then needs to be copied to the server and
2021-09-07 22:00:20 -04:00
Edward Loveall fe2f3ebe80
Add test script
This makes it much easier to randomize the spec order
2021-07-04 16:03:25 -04:00
Edward Loveall fcf3eb14d0
Initial app 2021-05-01 17:03:38 -04:00