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This browser script allows you to scrape and download your saved UltimateGuitar tabs to JSON format.

There are two ways to use the ug.js script:

  1. Install it as a Greasemonkey script (or whatever extension you use for custom UserScript). Every time you browse to your UltimateGuitar page, the Download button will appear next to the header.

  2. Manually paste the code in the browser developer console - the button will be added on the fly. You can also manually call getTabs from the developer console to access, filter and manipulate the list of objects.


Note that the script will download all the tabs on the current page. If you want to download all of your tabs, then select All from the top filter. The current order of the tabs on the page is also preserved in the downloaded JSON.

Convert to CSV

If you want to convert the downloaded JSON to CSV, you can do so by using the script. Usage:

$ python -i tabs.json -o tabs.csv
# Or
$ python < tabs.json > tabs.csv