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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Given the high speed of development in the first phase, changes are being reported only starting from v0.20.2.

[0.50.3] - 2023-07-22


[0.50.2] - 2023-06-30


  • A fix for the new get_plugin supported syntax. get_plugin now also accepts a plugin class/type as an argument rather than a string, but the previous logic didn't properly inspect the parent module.

[0.50.0] - 2023-06-28

This should actually be a new big major release, but I'm holding on implementing more features before a 1.0 tag.


  • Migrated many integrations to the new entities framework. This is a very large change to the foundations of the platform. Many plugins (and many others will follow) now publish and store their entities in a standard format, so e.g. all the lights, switches, Bluetooth devices, cameras, audio devices, media players and sensors are now supposed to expose the same attributes and API regardless of the type of integration. This refactor also includes a new default home panel, which includes all the entities detected by the registered integrations. Many integrations have already been migrated to the new framework. Among them (and many others are on their way):

    • arduino
    • bluetooth
    • light.hue
    • linode
    • All the sensor.* plugins
    • serial
    • smartthings
    • switchbot
    • system
    • variable
    • zigbee.mqtt
    • zwave.mqtt
  • Added support for more complex filters on event hooks. Earlier filters could only model key-value pair matches. The interface now supports more sophisticated filters - among these, structured filters with partial matches and relational filters. For example:

from platypush.event.hook import hook
from platypush.message.event.sensor import SensorDataChangeEvent

@hook(SensorDataChangeEvent, data=1):
def hook_1(event):
    Triggered when == 1

@hook(SensorDataChangeEvent, data={'state': 1}):
def hook_2(event):
    Triggered when['state'] == 1

@hook(SensorDataChangeEvent, data={
  'temperature': {'$gt': 25},
  'humidity': {'$le': 15}
def hook_3(event):
    Triggered when['temperature'] > 25 and['humidity'] <= 15.

The supported relational fields are the same supported by ElasticSearch - $gt for greater than, $lt for lesser than, $ge for greater or equal, $ne for not equal, etc.

This also means that the previous SensorDataAboveThresholdEvent and SensorDataBelowThresholdEvent events are now deprecated, as the new hook API makes it much easier and flexible to define custom threshold logic on any events without having to pre-define thresholds in each backend's configuration.

  • Added a Progressive WebApp (PWA) framework to the Vue webapp. It is now possible to install Platypush as a stand-alone webapp directly from the web panel if the panel is served over HTTPS. For now this only improves the user experience, performance and it provides a more native-like experience on mobile, but in the future the PWA background worker could be used to e.g. deliver asynchronous events and notifications to the clients without keeping the browser open.

  • Added support for application database automatic migrations after an update by using Alembic.


  • Tornado is now used as an HTTP engine by backend.http, instead of using bare bone Flask with its inefficient Werkzeug server and an optional uwsgi that required extra configuration (and an extra external service).

  • All the streaming endpoints have been rewritten and adapted to work with Tornado. This greatly improves performance, stability and ease of configuration, while remaining back-compatible with the previous URL formats. As a side note, all the streaming endpoints are now using Redis to stream information across multiple worker processes, so make sure that you have a version of Redis that supports pub/sub (most of the recent ones should do).

  • The bluetooth plugin has been completely rewritten, merged with the (now deprecated) backend.bluetooth. The previously separated low-energy/legacy integrations have now been merged too. It now supports much more than passive scanning, as it can recognize the information published by most of the device, supports both legacy and low-energy connection/disconnection actions, and it can detect most of the device classes, services and manufacturers. It also supports parsing some standard features (like battery level, temperature, state etc.) if they are published according to some convention supported by TheengsGateway. The switchbot.bluetooth integration has now also been merged into bluetooth.

  • The sound plugin has been completely rewritten. While it should still be largely back-compatible with the previous implementation, you should probably go and take a look at the new documentation to get a grasp of the new features.

  • The camera.ffmpeg plugin has received a big rewrite that has improved its stability and robustness against several types of cameras. It is now the recommended way of interfacing with general-purpose cameras, even for PiCameras - the camera.pi integration is now largely deprecated, as the old PiCamera API is deprecated as well, and camera.ffmpeg should now work out of the box with a PiCamera if a reasonably recent version of ffmpeg is installed.

  • backend.websocket has been removed and replaced by Tornado asynchronous websocket URLs registered on the HTTP backend. The two new routes that replace the websocket backend are:

    • /ws/events: subscribe to this websocket to receive any asynchronous events forwarded by the application.
    • /ws/requests: you can send request messages to this endpoints, and the responses will be received asynchronously on the same channel.
  • The inspect plugin has been largely improved.

    • Its performance is now much snappier, as it scans for all the available integrations by searching for manifest files instead of scanning each single source file. Documentation about specific plugins and actions is fetched lazily when requested by the user.
    • It now also caches results by looking at the last modified date of the source file, so it won't have to re-scan source files that haven't been modified.
    • Its detection of RST constructs has also been improved, so most of the code blocks, schemas, return types and references to other objects are now rendered in the plugin UI.
  • Added variable.delete action. The existing variable.unset action will now only set a variable to null if it exists, while variable.delete will actually remove it from the database.

  • backend.sensor.distance and gpio.sensor.distance have been removed and migrated instead to a new sensor.hcsr04 plugin, since the existing logic actually only applies to HC-SR04-like distance sensors.

  • backend.sensor.dht and gpio.sensor.dht have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.dht plugin.

  • backend.sensor.accelerometer and gpio.sensor.accelerometer have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.lis3dh plugin, since the existing accelerometer logic only works with these sensors.

  • backend.sensor.motion.pwm3901 and gpio.sensor.motion.pwm3901 have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.pwm3901 plugin. accelerometer logic only works with these sensors.

  • backend.sensor.envirophat and gpio.sensor.envirophat have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.envirophat plugin.

  • backend.sensor.ltr559 and gpio.sensor.ltr559 have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.ltr559 plugin.

  • backend.sensor.bme280 and gpio.sensor.bme280 have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.bme280 plugin.

  • backend.sensor.distance.vl53l1x and gpio.sensor.distance.vl53l1x have been removed and migrated to a new sensor.vl53l1x plugin.

  • backend.serial has been removed and merged into the serial plugin.

  • backend.switch.wemo has been removed and merged into the switch.wemo plugin.

  • backend.switch.tplink has been removed and merged into the switch.tplink plugin.

  • backend.zigbee.mqtt has been removed and merged into the zigbee.mqtt plugin.

  • backend.zwave.mqtt has been removed and merged into the zwave.mqtt plugin.


  • Notable performance improvements for the UI (like -50% on the load time and memory usage in some cases). Recursive/reflective Vue components now use shallowRef, so complex UI models won't have to be fully loaded at page start.

  • Fixed compatibility with SQLAlchemy 2.

  • Migrated the clipboard integration from pyperclip to pyclip (see #240). pyperclip is unmaintained and largely broken, and pyclip seems to be a viable drop-in alternative.

  • Better implementation of the UI modals - added close buttons and trigger closure when Esc is pressed.


  • Removed SSL configuration from backend.http. Configuring SSL on Flask+Tornado is messy, and it won't end up with a good user experience. Instead, you should consider using a reverse proxy (e.g. nginx or Apache) if you want to make the Platypush web interface available over HTTPS. A sample nginx configuration has been added under examples/nginx. Note that running the web panel over HTTPS is a requirement if you want to leverage the PWA features, as a PWA can only be served over HTTPS.

  • Removed the Bluetooth file server integration. It is still possible to send files over Bluetooth (the feature has now been merged into the bluetooth plugin, under bluetooth.send_file), but all the server features rely on features of PyOBEX that are now very broken on recent versions of Python (the project itself hasn't been updated in years).

  • Removed or deprecated all the backend.sensor.* backends. Their logic has now been merged into their associated plugins, and the plugins will have the ability to run in the background too.

  • Removed backend.sensor.battery. It has now been merged into the system plugin.

  • Removed gpio.sensor plugin. It was never really fully implemented, and it was probably impossible to implement with an interface that could work with any sensor-like device connected over GPIO.

[0.24.5] - 2023-02-22


  • Added hid plugin to support discoverability and data interaction with generic HID devices - like Bluetooth/USB peripherals, joysticks, dongles and any other type of devices that supports the HID interface.

  • Added timeout parameter to websocket.send to prevent messages sent on a non-responsive websocket from getting the websocket loop stuck


  • Running the Zeroconf registration logic in another thread in backend.http, so failures in the Zeroconf logic don't affect the startup of the web server.

  • (Temporarily) introduced sqlalchemy < 2.0.0 as a requirement - a PR with a migration to the new stable version of SQLAlchemy is in TODO.

[0.24.4] - 2022-12-20


  • Fixed cronjobs potentially being triggered even if it wasn't their slot in case of clock synchronization events.

[0.24.3] - 2022-12-17


  • Added [-v|--verbose] command-line option to override the default logging configuration and enable debug logging.
  • Added --version command-line option to print the current version and exit.
  • [#236] Added support for author and tags attributes on feed entries.

[0.24.2] - 2022-12-10


  • The main.db configuration should use the configured workdir when no values are specified.

  • The zwave.mqtt is now compatible both with older (i.e. zwavejs2mqtt) and newer (i.e. ZwaveJS) versions of the backend.

[0.24.1] - 2022-12-08


  • Removed a parenthesized context manager that broke compatibility with Python < 3.10.

[0.24.0] - 2022-11-22



  • Replaced PyJWT dependency with the Python-native rsa package. This will make the installation much lighter, compatible with more systems and less dependent on the platform-specific libraries required by cryptography.

NOTE: This is a breaking change for those who use the backend.http API with JWT tokens. The new logic encrypts and encodes the payload in a different format, therefore previously generated tokens are no longer compatible.

[0.23.6] - 2022-09-19


  • Fixed album_id and list of tracks on music.tidal.get_album.

[0.23.5] - 2022-09-18


  • Added support for web hooks returning their hook method responses back to the HTTP client.

  • Added Tidal integration

  • Added support for OPML subscriptions to the rss plugin.

  • Better support for bulk database operations on the db plugin.


  • Now supporting YAML sections with empty configurations.

[0.23.4] - 2022-08-28


  • Added matrix integration (issue, PR).


  • Removed clipboard backend. Enabling the clipboard plugin will also enable clipboard monitoring, with no need for an additional backend.

[0.23.3] - 2022-06-01


  • Added ntfy integration (see #219).
  • Support for a default config.yaml if one isn't specified in the default locations.


  • The HTTP server dependencies are now marked as required, since the default config.yaml will have the HTTP backend enabled by default in order to allow the creation of a first user.
  • Updated Vue.js frontend dependencies to the latest version.
  • Removed bulma from the frontend dependencies, making the frontend much lighter and loading times much faster.
  • Other UI improvements.


  • More reliable cronjobs in case of DST change or any clock changes in general (see #217).
  • Fixed --redis-queue argument.

[0.23.2] - 2022-03-27


  • Support for asynchronous events over GPIO PINs. It is now possible to specify a list of monitored_pins in the gpio plugin configuration. A change in the value on those GPIO PINs (caused by e.g. a button, a binary sensor or a probe) will trigger a platypush.message.event.gpio.GPIOEvent that you can use in your automation scripts.

  • Simplified script API to interact with platform variables (closes #206). You can now read and write stored variables in your Platypush scripts through a much more intuitive interface compared to explicitly using the variable plugin explicitly:

from platypush.context import Variable

# ...

my_var = Variable.get('my_var')
my_var = int(my_var) + 1

[0.23.0] - 2022-03-01



  • Merged several PRs from dependabot.

  • Fixed management of the CN field in the calendar.ical plugin.

[0.22.10] - 2022-02-07


  • Refactored the dbus integration. The plugin and backend have been merged into a single plugin component, and the ability to subscribe to custom signals has been added.


  • Proper support for empty payloads on the integrations that trigger a SensorDataChangeEvent.
  • Fixed possible infinite recursion on the Pushbullet integration in case of errors where the error and close handlers keep calling each other in a loop.

[0.22.9] - 2022-01-06


  • Added rss integration (replaces the cumbersome and deprecated backend.http.poll).


  • Fixed timezone handling in calendar integrations.
  • Fixed handling of ignored directories in the file.monitor backend.

[0.22.8] - 2021-12-13


  • Added support for audio tracks in Plex integration.


  • Web server uWSGI wrapper changed from uwsgi to gunicorn.


  • Fixed client ID assignment logic in MQTT backends to prevent client ID clashes and reconnections (closes #205).
  • Updated LTR559 integration to be compatible with the new API.
  • Updated Chromecast integration to be compatible with pychromecast >= 10.
  • Better handling of media errors.

[0.22.6] - 2021-11-27


  • Added support for converting webpages to markdown in http.webpage.simplify even if no outfile is specified.


  • Improved robustness of the ICal calendar parser in case some fields (e.g. *status) are not defined.

[0.22.5] - 2021-11-15


  • Added mastodon plugin.
  • Added chat.irc plugin.
  • Added mailgun plugin.


  • Fixed switchbot.status method in case of virtual devices.
  • Fixed platypush[alexa] optional package installation.

[0.22.4] - 2021-10-19


  • Support for IR virtual devices in Switchbot plugin.
  • Added google.maps.get_travel_time method (closes #115).
  • Support for custom YouTube video/audio formats on media plugins.


  • Responses for requests received over an MQTT backend are now delivered to the right topic (<device_base_topic>/responses/<msg_id>).
  • Various fixes on media plugins.

[0.22.3] - 2021-10-01


  • gotify integration (see #198).

[0.22.2] - 2021-09-25


  • ngrok integration (see #196).

[0.22.1] - 2021-09-22


  • zigbee.mqtt backend now no longer requires the MQTT backend/plugin to be enabled.

  • Fixed bug on empty popcorn API responses.


  • Created CI Gitlab pipeline to replace the Platypush event-based pre-existing pipeline.


  • Removed docs references to removed/abstract integrations.

[0.22.0] - 2021-09-16


  • Platypush now uses manifest files to describe plugins and backends. Each extension is now expected to provide a manifest.yaml file in its folder, reporting its package name, pip dependencies, required system packages and optional extra installation commands.

  • Refactored platyvenv, platydock, documentation generation and plugin management engine. They are now both faster and more robust, since they can rely on the manifest definition to operate instead of pydoc strings conventions or config.yaml conventions.

  • platyvenv start now starts the environment process synchronously and it prints stdout/stderr instead of redirecting it to the logs dir (previous behaviour: platyvenv start used to start the process asynchronously and the logs were stored to ~/.local/share/platypush/venv/<env>/logs/<stdout|stderr>.log).


  • Removed Homeseer integration - it was based on a Python integration that has now been pulled out of PyPI and GitHub. A new integration may come in the future if there is enough demand for it.

[0.21.4] - 2021-08-24


  • Fixed JWT token generation, since python-jwt >= 2.0 always returns strings (not bytes) upon jwt.encode.

[0.21.3] - 2021-07-28


  • Added sun plugin for sunrise/sunset events.

  • Added slack integration.

[0.21.2] - 2021-07-20


  • Added music.spotify backend to emulate a Spotify Connect receiver through Platypush.

  • Added music.spotify plugin.

  • Added music.spotify UI integration.

[0.21.1] - 2021-06-22


  • Added switchbot plugin to interact with Switchbot devices over the cloud API instead of directly accessing the device's Bluetooth interface.

  • Added marshmallow dependency - it will be used from now own to dump and document schemas and responses instead of the currently mixed approach with Response objects and plain dictionaries and lists.

  • Support for custom MQTT timeout on all the zwavejs2mqtt calls.

  • Added generic joystick backend backend.joystick.jstest which uses jstest from the standard joystick system package to read the state of joysticks not compatible with python-inputs.

  • Added PWM PCA9685 plugin.

  • Added Linux native joystick plugin, backend.joystick.linux, for the cases where python-inputs doesn't work and jstest is too slow.


  • switch.switchbot plugin renamed to switchbot.bluetooth plugin, while the new plugin that uses the Switchbot API is simply named switchbot.


  • More robust reconnection logic on the Pushbullet backend in case of websocket errors.

[0.21.0] - 2021-05-06


  • Support for custom PopcornTime API mirror/base URL.

  • Full support for TV series search.


  • Fixed torrent search (now using a different PopcornTime API mirror).

  • Migrated SASS engine from node-sass (currently deprecated and broken on Node 16) to sass.

  • Fixed alignment of Z-Wave UI header on Chrome/Webkit.

[0.20.10] - 2021-04-28


  • Fixed zwave/zwavejs2mqtt interoperability.

[0.20.9] - 2021-04-12


  • Added zwavejs2mqtt integration (see #186.


  • Major LINT fixes.


  • Removed unmaintained integrations: TorrentCast and

[0.20.8] - 2021-04-04



  • Fixed zigbee2mqtt backend error in case of messages with empty payload (see #184).

  • Fixed compatibility with all versions of websocket-client - versions >= 0.58.0 pass a WebSocketApp object as a first argument to the callbacks, as well as versions < 0.54.0 do, but the versions in between don't pass this argument.

[0.20.7] - 2021-03-26


  • Fixed race condition on media.vlc.stop when clearing the VLC instance.

  • Fixed dashboard widgets custom classes being propagated both to the container and to the widget content [see #179]

  • Fixed compatibility with SQLAlchemy >= 1.4.

[0.20.6] - 2021-03-16


  • Added log.http backend to monitor changes to HTTP log files (see #167).

  • Added file.monitor backend, which replaces the inotify backend (see #172).


  • Removed legacy pusher script and local backend.


  • Fixed support for Z-Wave switches.

  • Fixed possible race condition on VLC stop.

[0.20.5] - 2021-03-12


  • Added support for a static list of devices to actively scan to the bluetooth.scanner backend (see #174).

  • Added weather.openweathermap plugin and backend, which replaces weather.darksky, since the Darksky API will be completely shut down by the end of 2021.


  • Cron expressions should adhere to the UNIX cronjob standard and use the machine local time, not UTC, as a reference (closes #173).

  • Better management of Z-Wave values types from the UI.

  • Disable logging for ZwaveValueEvent events - they tend to be very verbose and can impact the performance on slower devices. They will still be published to the websocket clients though, so you can still debug Z-Wave values issues from the browser developer console (enable debug traces).

  • Added suffix to the zigbee.mqtt backend default client_id to prevent clashes with the default mqtt backend client_id.

[0.20.4] - 2021-03-08


  • Added SmartThings integration.
  • Support for custom Redis message queue name over the --redis-queue argument.


  • Refactored tests to use pytest instead of unittest.
  • Some major bug fixes on procedures and hooks context evaluation.

[0.20.3] - 2021-02-28


  • Several bug fixes on the VLC plugin, including proper management of stop/end-of-stream, volume set and missing integration requirements in requirements.txt and

[0.20.2] - 2021-02-27


  • More stable ZeroConf backends registration logic in case of partial or missing results.
  • Improved and refactored integration tests.


  • Support for passing context variables (${}) from YAML procedures/hooks/crons to Python procedure/hooks/crons.
  • New integration test for testing procedures.